Mediocre unis churning out part-time workers

RECENT discussions with my post graduate nephew reveals that our so-called world education system is not meeting the needs of many of our graduates and is definitely not the golden panacea that our politicians continually claim it to be.

Pumping out endless graduates from our universities (some with sub-standard qualifications) is not the answer when there are so very few jobs available for them.

The systems provided by our politicians are not working.

All they are doing is creating extremely wealthy universities and an increasing number of unemployed graduates.

Currently it appears many of our graduates are engaged in part-time employment or casual work with many of them working outside their chosen disciplines.

This massive shift to part-time employment is caused by employers cutting costs to save money and a lack of available jobs.

This process is creating its own problems, two of which are restricted access to bank loans and job security.

Employers should address job security.

Banks and other financial institutions should consider removing restrictions on housing and other loans to allow the growing number of part-time workers to live as normal a life as possible.

Remove the discrimination and stop the increasing spread of social disadvantage.

Our graduates also have to compete for available jobs against foreign workers, who are brought to Australia under the 457 Visa program.

This is another initiative that is already starting to fail due the lack of government supervision and ongoing financial exploitation of workers by greedy unscrupulous employers.

Our politicians continue to boast about and support the so-called world education system that they are providing.

If we don't provide better outcomes for our graduates they will go overseas, their training costs will become unrecoverable and their newly acquired skills will be lost to the community.

Many of our universities are increasing their fees yet they continue to waste vast sums of money providing their administrators and chancellors with multi million dollar salaries.

Reduced financial support, lack of interest, waste and ongoing incompetence by our politicians is also contributing to lower standards.

I think they have condemned our education system to continuing mediocrity.

We need to do more to change the system so that we can meet the technical demands of the future.