MAYORAL RACE: Gary Duffy launches campaign

GARY Duffy portrays himself as the man who can clean up Ipswich and that was his primary message at the launch of his official mayoral campaign on Saturday.

  During his campaign speech, Mr Duffy raised several key policies including his core promise to implement a City Planning Review Panel and the importance of having resident feedback regarding all developments and planning for the city.

  "The selected panel will be trained up so that they understand how the council works and will have the chance to work with the council on a list of proposals and upcoming planning works," Mr Duffy said.

  "The Planning Review Panel will account for 41% of consideration of the planning process, so what we'll have is 30 people who are normal, average people of Ipswich who will have a say on what happens in their city.

  "This panel is important for maintaining the historical aspect of the city and it also provides another level of transparency which gets rid of developers and donations to candidates so they no longer have an influence."

Mr Duffy also raised the importance of having a flood-proof city in order to attract more business to Ipswich as well as saving vital funds in flood reparation costs.  

"If you live in Ipswich you will live in a flood-protected Ipswich where every summer you won't have to worry about your city being flooded, " Mr Duffy said.  

"Flooding is an engineering process and not just about barriers, but about putting in different systems in place, so that's what this plan is about.

"There are some places here in Ipswich where 400 houses were flooded because something as simple as a one-way valve wasn't put in on a drain going to the river.  

"When you see that the average cost to repair each house is $110,000 and the cost to put in one valve is $100,000, it's about being clever about what we do.

    "I also want Ipswich to be a place where businesses can come and have confidence that they can operate their business for 12 months of the year and that their investment in the city is protected by a flood-protected city."

  The Ipswich mayoral candidate concluded his speech by asking the people of Ipswich to let him show them a new and different way of running the city.

  "This election you've got two years to test change, so if I haven't been proved to be who I say I am they can kick me out at the next election," he said.

  "It's not a chance, it's an opportunity and I say to the people of Ipswich give me the opportunity over the next two years to prove to you what change can be like for this city."  

Garry Duffy's official election campaign launch was held at the Redbank School of Arts Hall in front of about 10 people.