Debris left on the South Tree's Inlet bridge in Boyne Island is cleared.
Debris left on the South Tree's Inlet bridge in Boyne Island is cleared. Chris Chan

Mayor urges patience as extent of flood damage unfolds

IT HAS been almost a month since the Gladstone region was hammered by the aftermath of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald.

And when it comes to the clean-up, there's still a long way to go.

Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers said there was still extensive damage to roads in the region.

All up, she said, the damage bill would be about $80 million.

"We were lucky that a lot of roads weren't as badly damaged as we initially thought," she said.

However, many gravel roads remained closed.

"The best advice I can give people is to check out the road report on the council website," Cr Sellers said.

"Then, when you get to the area, observe the speed limit and drive to the conditions."

Cr Sellers said all beaches remained closed as the council awaited water testing results.

"The testing is being done in Brisbane and obviously the labs are very busy after the flood event," she said.

"I request that people don't swim, because this is a health issue."

Cr Sellers said beaches at Agnes Water and 1770 had sustained the worst of the damage.

"All the beaches have had a lot of impact from floating debris," she said.

"We'll try and remove some of it as it's all above the high tide mark."

Play equipment in the region also copped a beating from the torrential rain and huge wind gusts.

"We have 15 playgrounds across the region bunted off because they need replacement soft fall," Cr Sellers said.

"There's a shortage at the moment of lots of resources."

Cr Sellers said affected playground equipment would have to be replaced at Lowmead Park and Lions Park, Boyne Island.

But overall, the region has made it through the flood fairly well.

"All the volunteers have been really good," she said. "I ask people to be patient - we'll get to it eventually.

"Overall, the community has been very supportive and here at council, we're doing as much as we can."