MAYOR Gail Sellers was using her sales skills to spruik at Woolworths this morning to raise money for the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Cr Sellers was helping sell tickets for the Children's Hospital Foundation Easter Wall Token Fundraiser at The Valley to help raise more than $10,000.

She said the secret to spruiking was to look people in the eye.

"Get them in the face," she said.

"The ones that are going to give you money look you in the eye, and the ones who don't look you in the eye won't give you any money."

Within the first 10 minutes she had already raised $20 - but admittedly it was her own money.

Tahleigha Franklin has some experience selling raffle tickets and sympathised with the Mayor.

"She's wonderful at it," she said.

"You can see it in her face that she is genuinely trying to sell the tickets and is happy to be out in the public doing it."

Woolworths The Valley assistant manager Michael Lawlor said it was good the Mayor was putting herself out there to help sick kids.

"She seems to know what she is doing," he said.

"We usually raise $10,000 and it's good to see the names of people from the Gladstone community all around our store who are willing to help."

The fundraiser will run over Easter and tickets can be bought at all of the Woolworth stores in Gladstone.