LAST TIME: Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett pictured at the 2018 Bio International Convention in Boston.
LAST TIME: Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett pictured at the 2018 Bio International Convention in Boston.

'Kicking goals': Mayor justifies overseas trips

MAYOR Matt Burnett will attend two overseas conferences this year after the trips were approved at yesterday's Gladstone Regional Council meeting.

Cr Burnett will travel to the June 3-6 Bio International Convention in Philadelphia and the July 8-11 Bio World Congress in Iowa.

It will be the third BIC the mayor has attended since 2017.

Cr Burnett attended the Bio International Convention in San Diego in 2017 and Boston last year. He will attend the Bio World Congress for the first time.

"Most people probably think sending the mayor overseas isn't good news but it is because for the last two times we've been there we've been kicking goals," Cr Burnett said.

"In San Diego we signed an agreement with the US Navy to be able to eventually supply biofuels to their Great Green Fleet from Queensland.

"Then we went to Boston where the Premier announced $250,000 for a hydrogen trial and now we have bio-hydrogen developed in Gladstone.

"We met Mercurius in San Diego and again in Boston, invited them to Gladstone, and they've been back about five times."


Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center hosted the 2018 Bio International Convention. The Boston Globe

Cr Burnett was particularly keen on attending the Iowa event.

"It's about industrial technologies and innovation, (Minister for State Development) Cameron Dick is going and so is (Southern Oil Refineries general manager) Ben Tabulo," he said.

"I've invited the Gladstone Engineering Alliance and CQUniversity... we'll have Team Gladstone and that's another reason why I wanted an officer with me.

"By going to both I'll be able to determine which one to go to moving forward."

Cr Burnett pushed for a council officer to attend and GRC general manager of strategy and transformation Carly Quinn is likely to also attend.

The estimated cost to send both representatives is $47,280.

"Mercurius is investing $1 million in Gladstone already and that's just from one conference," Cr Burnett said.

"At the second conference we got $250,000 so if I can get even half of that again I think we'll be right."