Maxwell’s sex secrets revealed in docs


Court documents outlining Ghislaine Maxwell's sex life have been made public in New York on Thursday.

The 418 page file was released after she lost a legal battle to keep the documents under wraps. It contains redacted details of Prince Andrew's infamous London trip where it is alleged he had sex with a victim of Jeffery Epstein, - something the Duke of York denies - and other revelations about life with Jeffrey Epstein.

The new trove was part of a 2015 defamation lawsuit brought by Epstein's trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre, after Maxwell called her a liar, The Sun reports.

The defamation civil case was settled in 2017 in Giuffre's favour.

But, following Maxwell's arrest in July, there were calls to make public the contents regarding her relationship with the late financier paedophile.

On Monday the Manhattan circuit court of appeals rejected an argument by Maxwell, 58, that the files could impede her defence and the tranche of documents was made public.

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The documents reportedly show that Maxwell tried to play down links between Epstein and former US president Bill Clinton, who had used the billionaire's private plane.

She was also asked about speculation Epstein may have performed work for the US and Israeli governments.

Portions of the documents apparently related to a picture of a young Virgina Roberts taken in London were also heavily redacted, and show Maxwell saying she could not recall who had taken the image.

In the deposition Maxwell is asked: "So are you saying that it's an obvious lie that Virginia's statement that she had sex with (name redacted) is an obvious lie?"

She replied: "What I'm representing is that her entire ludicrous and absurd story of what took place in my house is an obvious lie."

She was asked: "Did you ever meet an underage girl in London to introduce her to Jeffrey to provide him with a massage?"

Maxwell denied having done so and said her bathtub was "too small" to have sex in, saying "her characterisation is just not possible."

Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) has alleged she had sex with Prince Andrew on three occasions including once in London.

Prince Andrew has denied it and said he cannot recall meeting her. The royal has denied any wrongdoing and said at no stage did he "witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort that subsequently led to [Epstein's] arrest and conviction".

Maxwell refused to answer questions about her sex life with Epstein, but said she had an intimate relationship with him. She also denied he had recruited under age girls and pounded the table at one point but said she did "not threaten anybody".

She denied ever seeing others perform sex acts for Epstein, saying: "I'm not addressing any questions about consensual adult sex."

"If you want to talk about what the subject matter, which is defamation and lying, Virginia Roberts, that you and Virginia Roberts are participating in perpetrating her lies, I'm happy to address those.

"I never saw any inappropriate underage activities with Jeffrey ever."

She also denied having sex toys in Epstein's Palm Beach mansion, saying "I don't recollect anything that would formally be a dildo."

An image of a topless Maxwell was submitted as evidence. She denied taking nude photos of Epstein's accusers, saying pictures were taken on request and would have been "mainstream type magazine photos" that "could have been very happily and expected to be displayed on your parents' mantel piece or grandparents' mantel piece".


A picture of Maxwell included in the documents.
A picture of Maxwell included in the documents.



Some of the testimony.
Some of the testimony.



The former British socialite has pleaded not guilty to helping Epstein recruit and groom underage girls as young as 14 to engage in illegal sexual acts in the mid-1990s, and not guilty to perjury for having denied involvement in any such scheme when she gave her deposition under oath.

Lawyers for Maxwell, Epstein's former girlfriend and longtime associate, had argued making the deposition public could imperil Maxwell's ability to get a fair trial, because jurors might hold its contents against her.

"If the unsealing order goes into effect, it will forever let the cat out of the bag," and "intimate, sensitive, and personal information" about Maxwell might "spread like wildfire across the internet," her lawyers said in August.

A trial is scheduled for July 2021.

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Maxwell was arrested on July 2 in Bradford, New Hampshire, where authorities said she was hiding on a property she bought in December in an all-cash transaction with her identity shielded.

She is being held Brooklyn jail after the judge in her criminal case called her an unacceptable flight risk.

Maxwell's deposition and other documents were cleared for release after the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan on Monday rejected her "meritless" arguments that her interests outweighed the presumption the public should see the materials.

Giuffre, who has been one of Epstein's most visible accusers, and the Miami Herald newspaper, which investigated Epstein's conduct and successful bid in 2007 to avoid federal sex trafficking charges, had sought the unsealing.

Epstein was found dead at age 66 in August 2019 at a Manhattan jail while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges announced the previous month.

He had previously escaped federal prosecution by pleading guilty in 2008 to Florida state prostitution charges, an agreement now widely considered too lenient.



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