Mater CEO Gerard Wyvill at the Mater Hospital redevelopment. Picture: Shae Beplate.
Mater CEO Gerard Wyvill at the Mater Hospital redevelopment. Picture: Shae Beplate.

Mater explains its regretful Gladstone sale

AFTER 21 years of owning and running Gladstone Mater Private Hospital, Mercy Health has finally sold the facility that services a catchment of 70,000 patients in the region.

On April, 9, Deputy Premier Steven Miles announced in Gladstone the Queensland Government would be buying the hospital.

The hospital was officially listed for sale in April 2019, Mater Health's Regional Executive Director Gerard Wyvill said.

When the hospital was sold to Queensland Health, Mr Wyvill said 56 people were employed there.

But the history concerning the sale of the hospital goes back years further than that date, with sources telling the Gladstone Observer, the sale was first touted several years ago.

Mr Wyvill said Mercy Health had a proud history in Gladstone, which has unfortunately ended with the sale of the Mater Hospital.

"Unfortunately, it is no longer sustainable for Mater to run our private hospital facility at Gladstone," he said.

"After many years of service to the community, Mater has taken the difficult decision to cease private hospital services in Gladstone."

"In October 2018 Mater closed its maternity service and in January 2020 reduced services to be day surgery only.

"Mater is closing the service as it's no longer viable to run our Gladstone private healthcare service.

"In April this year the Deputy Premier, Health and Ambulance Services Minister Dr Steven Miles, announced that the State Government would purchase Mater Private Hospital Gladstone in a bid to further enhance public health services to the Central Queensland region."

Mr Wyvill said a decline in the number of births led to Mater Hospital ceasing maternity services.

"The number of births at Gladstone Mater had been declining for several years prior and to run a successful maternity service you require a minimum number of births to ensure the viability of the service," he said.

"Unfortunately, the service was no longer reaching that level with less than ten births a month.

"During this closure of this service, Mater worked in partnership with Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, to ensure the continuity of care for our patients."



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