Become involved with The Observer’s Adopt-A-Family campaign.
Become involved with The Observer’s Adopt-A-Family campaign. Brenda Strong GLA031211XMAS

Mary Brown wants to help families facing hard times

MARY Brown knows what it is like to struggle to give your kids the Christmas they look forward to.

The Miriam Vale widow has faced some tough times.

"Like everybody you have your bad years," Ms Brown said.

Now that Ms Brown has overcome hardships she said she wanted to help other families facing the same issues this Christmas through The Observer's Adopt-A-Family campaign.

"We can't do a lot but if we all do a little bit a big bit gets done.

"That is my philosophy."

For someone in a tough spot at Christmas time, Ms Brown said the biggest worry was the kids and what to put on the table on Christmas day.

"If you are a mum and dad it is a really worrying time."

She said it was hard when the kids had friends getting heaps of presents for Christmas when many can't afford extravagant gifts.

"It's not because you don't want to," she said.

Despite the fact that plenty of people in Gladstone are doing well, Ms Brown said many aren't so those better off should help by adopting a family for Christmas.

"I do encourage other people to get involved.

"Christmas is just a tough time."

She said it didn't take much to make someone's Christmas brighter.

"A chicken can make a difference between having something on the table at Christmas and not."