Married man sent unwanted nudes and lewd messages to a woman
Married man sent unwanted nudes and lewd messages to a woman

Married cheater faces Charleville court over unwelcome nudes

WESLEY James Curnow thought he could send unsolicited and offensive messages to a woman that he barely knew, but his vulgar correspondence got him busted.

The married 38-year-old, who was on probation at the time, pleaded guilty in the Charleville Magistrates Court on November 12 for the Commonwealth offence of using a carriage service to menace, harass, or cause offence.

He also faced court for an unrelated affray charge.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court Curnow sent unwanted and offensive messages, phone calls, and video calls to a female victim between 9.26pm and 10.22pm on October 31, 2019.

The messages were sent via Facebook Messenger from an account in Curnow's name.

"The unwanted, offensive contact included two pictures of an erect penis, one selfie showing a picture of a male person who the complainant believed to be Mr Curnow, and eight video calls... all declined by the complainant," Sergeant Boodnikoff said.

"In addition to that, the complainant received messages which included, 'show me your tits babe, and I'll show you mine; it's only little but it's pretty.'

"'Your turn - I'll be coming through there soon to bring my Hilux back - have to catch up.'

"And another message that went, 'nah, fuck, just between us, I've always had a hard-on for you since the first teddy bear pic.'

"'That dick pic was on the flop too, by the way. Where's my pic?'

"Then, 'I'll need a pic to get me hard - a little nip pic?' and then, 'yeah, yeah no? What's the go?'

"'Let's try video sex, I've never done this,'" Sergeant Boodnikoff read to the court.

Curnow kept sending similar messages until the victim was able to block him.

When interviewed by police, Curnow made admissions to what he had done and told police he regretted his actions.

Solicitor Frank Jongkind told the court Curnow is married with two children, aged four and three years old.

"He has had some problems with substance abuse... going back to 1999," Mr Jongkind said.

"The situation is the defendant has now sought help with his drug problem."

Magistrate Peter Saggers told Curnow these messages have placed his marriage under 'considerable stress.'

"To your credit, you are getting some assistance to deal with the underlying cause that leads to you coming to court," Magistrate Saggers said.

Curnow was slapped with a $1000 fine for his Federal carriage service offence, with a conviction automatically recorded.