Marcia will have big effect on region's fishing

MARCIA!! Marcia!! Marcia!!!

Aren't we glad to see that disappear off the coast, but our hearts go out to those along the Capricorn Coast, Rocky, Jambin, Biloela, and all those other places which have been affected by this weather system including the Boyne Valley.

Its effect on the fishery in our region is quite great, with the amount of run-off and fresh water in the harbour, rivers and creek systems.

In saying that, it's also stirred things up, with a lot of bait, and tucker, pouring out into the harbour, and out to sea.

I have no doubt that the pelagics in this region will be having a feast, so if you are heading out this weekend make sure you are geared up for these missiles.

This weekend looks as though it's going to be a ripper weather-wise, and with the passing of the first quarter the tides are now starting to build up towards the full moon later next week.

Those who missed out slipping out from 1770 last week must be rubbing their hands together in anticipation of getting into the reds and trout at the inner and outer wides and also around Fitzroy Reef.

At the time of writing this article the forecast looks as though the "lightish" south-easterlies (suggesting less than 10 knots) should remain through the weekend, maybe popping up during Saturday night, but back down again for Sunday, and by the looks, it'll pop back up again Monday.

We have a date with the water on Sunday, and hopefully we'll catch up with a few of you out on the water.

Make sure you slip, slop, slap though as the sun is so intense at the moment.

If the weather isn't for your liking, the barra are still on the chew right up through the Narrows, and beyond.

I see on Gladstone all things fishing Facebook page that John Falls was showing off his battering skills and also the recipe.

Have to say your "grassy Lipper" fish bites did look rather inviting, John.

Which brings me to your best batter, as there are so many recipes out there, most of which have the same ingredients like flour, baking powder, salt, some with a whole egg, while others just have the egg white only.

But the real difference seems to be in what we use as a liquid to produce the different look, texture and crispiness of the batter itself.

In John's recipe, he shared that ice cold water is used, while I have a preference to a quality beer and not a light beer either, as it needs to have good flavour. And then there's some out there who use very cold milk.

I've even seen one that uses ice cold lemonade.

Waiting that half-hour for the flour to release is really important and then thinning it down just that little bit once it has sat.

The batter theoretically is there to protect the flesh of the fish, so it doesn't need to be thick, but some love a nice thick batter.

Once the fish is cooked, in your favourite oil, at around 170 degrees, drain and season if you desire.

A really nice accompaniment is a cold dipping sauce made up of pulped mango, a glug of sweet chilli sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice, spooned over top of the freshly cooked fillet.

Just yum!

As I was saying earlier, this weekend should be a cracker and we really need to see some photos of your best fish, held up just after it's been caught, and you with a big grin!

If you do have some you'd like to share. Please feel free to email me - along with who is in the picture and where you caught it.

We don't want co-ordinates just approx. area like Fitzroy or Sykes, or Yellowpatch for example.

Brisbane Tinny and Tackle Show is on next weekend down at Manly this year, and myself along with Miriam Vale legend Greg Realf, and CEO of the GAPDL Glenn Churchill, will be flying the Gladstone flag, encouraging holiday makers to stop in, and say gidday across our region, or maybe they might like to come up for the 20th edition of the Boyne Tannum HookUp.