Mariah has her hair shaved off.
Mariah has her hair shaved off.

VIDEO: Mariah’s hairy donation makes her heart happy

SHAVE: Mariah saved up 12 inches of hair before braving the blade.

FIVE year old Mariah Byers had a "happy heart" after her haircut yesterday, which saw her loose 12 inches of her locks.

She chopped off her hair to donate it to Variety, a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer.

Mariah's grandmother has had breast cancer for almost five years, which inspired her decision.

For 18 months she has measured her hair, waiting for it to reach 12 inches so she could donate.

"It makes my heart happy because the little girls who have cancer can have my hair now," she said, sporting her new bob.

Mum Nicole Albury, was feeling more nervous than her daughter.

"I've actually tried to tell her we can wait a couple more months so it's a big longer, but she's so determined to do this.

"We're all so proud of her."

Ms Albury said already some of her friends want to grow their hair long enough to donate to the same charity.

Innovations Hair senior stylist Anita Melksham cut Mariah's hair yesterday.

She said it would take more than five years for it to grow back to the length it was.