Employment agencies see four times as many job-seekers

TODAY two dozen men will walk into one employment agency looking for work - four times more than this time last year.

According to the operations officer at AWX, Dianna Rowe, most of their job seekers coming through the door had just finished contracts constructing the LNG plants on Curtis Island.

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Bechtel Gladstone general manager Kevin Berg spoke to the Observer on Tuesday about the importance of lessening the impact of demobilisation - when a big project leaves town.

"You always worry about local economies becoming totally dependent upon the work that you're providing and recognising that work is going to come to an end," he said.

He said about 500 people had been laid off this year.

Mrs Rowe said the job market was down from December.

"We are getting about 24 guys a day coming into the office desperate to work. This time last year we were getting 5-6," she said.

"It's hard because we want to get them back into work (but) at the moment we have to wait for some other contracts and jobs to start."

The owner of RockS@lt restaurant, Jason Faint, just received 40 applications on his desk for a waiter position he had advertised.

He said going over all the applications was time consuming, but the quality was much higher than in 2012.

"At the moment you get 30-40 applicants for one job and back then I would get 8-10," Mr Faint said.

"I called four I thought would become long-term employees in the industry."

But there might some relief for job seekers with a big clean-up after Marcia.

Building company Johns Lyng Group arrived in Rockhampton on Friday to rebuild, and spokeswoman Pip Brown said they would be looking to employ locals.

"We don't know how many jobs. It really depends on the scale of it. It's still early days.

"Claims are coming through by the minute," she said.

"Some jobs could go on for a couple of years, but ideally we want to complete the works as quick as possible.

"(As an example) from the recent hail storm event in Brisbane, we have over 1200 claims and $10-14 million worth of work."