This way to the mythical city of Marborough...
This way to the mythical city of Marborough... Alister Brightman

Marborough: mystical city of yowies?

TREASURE hunters could soon be flocking to the Fraser Coast to search for a mythical city no-one has ever seen.

Names like Atlantis and El Dorado conjure images of lost civilisations and streets paved with gold, and now a new mystery city has joined the list.

Intrepid explorers found evidence of the city at the intersection of Woods Rd and Booral Rd, where a sign points in the direction of “Marborough”.

As all Fraser Coast locals would well be aware, no such city was ever thought to have existed – until now.

The fabled city of Marborough is believed to be surrounded by a thick grove of money trees, which hide a number of yowies and drop bears, while the Loch Ness Monster is said to have a holiday apartment in a nearby lake.

Note: It is also entirely possible that someone just made a spelling mistake on the road sign.