Too windy to head out on reef, so go cast your vote

IT'S another milestone in Australia's timeline this weekend, where we all hit the polls and put a scratch on the paper to say who we'd like to run the country for the next few years.

And no matter what your political persuasions are, it's important to exercise that right which we have and many other countries don't.

All I can say is thank goodness it's blowing too hard to slip out to the reef.

This past week has been slightly breezy to say the least and on Monday afternoon I thought I was going to get blown away by some of those gusts.

But before that happened, it was Father's Day and what a glorious day it was too, with many choosing to wet a line.

The waters in close have been alive with bait and pelagics and quite often we used to see the birds working first and then spot the bait fish but last weekend there were fish everywhere.

Reports of excellent bonito and mackeral catches were about.

For those wanting excellent bait to catch those big pelagics like spanish mackeral or even a billfish or three, these little speedsters are like lollies.

There is nothing like fresh bait to bring the big fellas sniffing around and being a nice size and full of blood, oil and all other things good you can nearly guarantee a decent return from a great bait collecting session before targeting the species of choice.

A mate of mine, Jimmy, slipped out to Jenny Lind last Sunday and got smashed by something pretty big.

He'd caught or rather hooked a sharky mackeral and while bringing it in, it became the tucker of something further up the food chain and shortly after that, he saw a heap of long tailed tuna getting into the bait fish, with some up around the 4-5kg mark.

These are nice to eat so long as you look after them.

One thing he did mention to me though was that there was a whale wallowing around at Jenny Lind Bank and to be honest there are a heap of them making their way south through the region, so please keep an eye out for them while you are travelling.

Another friend, Tony Lloyd Jones and a few others slipped out to the reef late last week for a few days on a rather big boat and man they covered some miles, starting fishing at Fitzroy reef and then going all the way up above North West.

They did well with trout, mackeral and decent sized red throat or sweetlip.

What they didn't manage to keep was a legal red with many just under size.

This weekend looks as though it might be a tad rough to venture out the front but in shore things are really zinging along with good numbers of barra, bream and salmon on the chew.

Try the river and creek mouths on the making tide as many will be sitting just at the entrances waiting to enter as the tide turns.

On Sunday and Monday, the wind will be dropping out and by Tuesday, it may even glass out.

The new moon was last night so these next three will be awesome.

I have a friend Brad Beer coming up from Sydney to join a group venturing out on Mikat to the Swain Reefs and I reckon they have picked an incredible time of the year to do that.