Man's unbelievable $8k parking fine

A hilarious video has shown a man caught out after leaving his car in a parking garage for months on end.

A video shared to TikTok shows a man at the boom gates of a parking garage trying to exit after what his friend says is "two years" parked in the garage.

"This d***head left his car here in the shopping centre for two years, he's trying to get out, look how much it is - eight grand," TikTok user Moeyreacts said in the video on Friday night.

"We aren't going to pay eight grand, you mutt," he said as the driver laughed.



The ticket gate shows the car has been in the garage for at least five months - or 147 days.

A search of the licence plate shows the car is a 1999 model Holden -worth between $3777 and $4990 according to online price guides.

The video has gone viral on the platform attracting more than 67,300 likes and 4800 shares.

Hundreds of commenters wondered why the car had been left in the garage for so long.

"Just want to know how a car was kept in a parking lot for 147 days," one commenter asked followed by laughing emojis.

"Tell us what happened!" another said.

"Just say you lost your ticket, that would be cheaper," another said.