An Ipswich man became aggressive towards pub staff after an evening of drinking and playing the pokies.
An Ipswich man became aggressive towards pub staff after an evening of drinking and playing the pokies.

Man's temper tantrum after being booted from pub

TEMPERS flared with loud abuse and yells of 'wanker' when two buddies playing the pokies in an Ipswich hotel were repeatedly told they had to go with last drinks poured.

Instead of quietly heading home at 2.30am, the men threw a loud tantrum, becoming aggressive, arguing and verbally abusing Racehourse Hotel security.

His bad behaviour landed Ricky Coborelos with three police charges, and a date before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Prosecutor sergeant Paul Caldwell said the second offender had not yet been located and charged.

Ricky Paul Coborelos, 37, from Tivoli, pleaded guilty to committing a public nuisance at licensed premises on October 7; failing to leave licensed premises; and obstructing police at licences premises.

Sgt Caldwell said Coborelos and his friend were drinking and playing the poker machines when security staff told them the bar had closed and they must finish their drinks and leave.

Instead Coborelos and his friend became aggressive, argumentative, yelling obscenities and verbal abuse.

When again told to leave by a hotel manager Coborelos got more aggressive.

Sgt Caldwell said as the manager walked away in an attempt to calm the situation, Coborelos yelled "you're a wanker, I'll find you, I know what you look like".

Sgt Caldwell said Coborelos followed the manager yelling abuse and making threats.

When a security guard grabbed Coborelos by the arms he pushed through the doors with into another hotel area causing the two men holding his arms to go through with him.

Eventually the argumentative Coborelos was taken to the floor, restrained and led outside.

The court heard when police spoke to Coborelos he seemed intoxicated and quickly became aggressive.

He refused to turn around to be handcuffed when being arrested, clenching his fists and struggling with the police officers.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said Coborelos, a truck driver, was not told to leave because of his drinking but his friend did re-enter the hotel and began misbehaving.

"My client is genuinely unaware as to why he was asked to leave. He does agree he became argumentative and abusive," Mr Fairclough said.

"He does not agree he walked out with a security guard attached to each arm. But does agree he obstructed police.

"He was concerned about his safety as there were 20 or so officers there. It may explain his reluctance to accompany them."

Mr Fairclough said Coborelos was not party to an alleged assault by his co-accused.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Coborelos' friend had behaved badly and Coborelos had gotten angry with threatening behaviour, arguing and being verbally abusive.

"Police describe you as being intoxicated and uncooperative. You continued your objectionable behaviour," she said.

Noting his previous offences, Ms Sturgess said she would suggest alcohol has been a problem for Coborelos, contributing to his behaviour.

Coborelos was convicted and fined $800.