A man who spent two weeks planning the perfect proposal accidentally destroyed his home when things didn’t go as planned.
A man who spent two weeks planning the perfect proposal accidentally destroyed his home when things didn’t go as planned.

Lover’s proposal goes horribly wrong

A man's romantic candlelit proposal went horribly wrong when he accidentally set his home on fire - leaving the couple's house completely destroyed.

Albert Ndreu, 26, spent two weeks meticulously planning the perfect proposal after buying a ring for his girlfriend of one year, Valerija Madevic, 22.

Using 100 tea lights and around 60 balloons, he transformed their home in Sheffield, UK, spelling out "Marry Me?" with the dainty candles.

He even had a bottle of bubbles on ice and a "non-stop romance" playlist on loop, ready to surprise Valerija when she finished work.

But disaster struck when Albert left the set-up unattended to collect Valerija from work - returning to witness their home "burning down".

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"I was planning the proposal for over two weeks - I kept struggling to find the right thing to do to mark the special moment," Albert said.

"I wanted to do something from my heart even if it didn't go exactly as planned."

Despite his big moment going horribly wrong, it didn't stop Albert seizing the moment and getting down on one knee amid the flames - and Valerija said "yes".

"I was so worried about everything going wrong I never imagined I could set the house on fire," he said.

"But it will always be an unforgettable day for us and a story which will be amazing to tell our children."



After the dramatic proposal, three fire crews were able to extinguish the flames, leaving the home filled with ashes.

Speaking of the proposal, Valerija said she's started the evening thinking her now-fiance had done something stupid after he greeted her at work with a bunch of flowers.

"When I got the flowers I thought he must have broken something or destroyed something in the house," she said.

"Little did I know he had destroyed our entire living room."

However she was about to get an even bigger shock when Albert got down on one knee among the ashes of their belongings.

"He pulled out a box from his pocket and I was just speechless.

"He said that he messed up - our house was literally in flames - but asked me if I would marry him.

"And I said yes."


The pair met on a dating app in 2019 and insist it was fate the pair found each other.

"I believe that people have a destiny and there is someone you're meant to be with - and for me that's Valerija," Albert said.

"We found each other on an app and it was my first match and I immediately knew I didn't need the app anymore. We spoke for hours and hours and talked about anything and everything."

Fire and Rescue NSW state on its website you should "never leave candles unattended or in places where they can fall or set alight flammable items such as curtains or upholstery.

If you are going to use a candle, make sure it is on a secure base and never set near an open window.

Make sure the candle is completely extinguished before leaving the room or going to bed.

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