Man's plan to put hydropower on the Bremer River

A MAYORAL candidate has declared a hydropower station in the Bremer River will protect the city from flood and improve water quality.

The electricity-generating turbine combined with a raised weir would be a multi-faceted benefit to the city, candidate Gary Duffy has declared.

Mr Duffy said the structure, built at the junction of the Bremer and Brisbane Rivers, would protect the city from floodwater released from Wivenhoe Dam.

"In 2011 most of the flooding that came up in the Bremer came from the release of water from Wivenhoe," he said.

"What it does is back up the Bremer and flood Bundamba Creek.

"If we have a weir there, with a raisable wall, we can stop the flooding coming up the Bremer River."

Mr Duffy said the structure should have a hydro turbine attached that would generate electricity to offset construction costs.

He said the weir would raise the water level in the river by about 1metre, improving its amenity and usability.

"If we have a weir and we can have the Bremer at 1m above where it naturally sits now the water flow over the weir will generate power... enough to power 15,000 homes," he said.

"It will generate income.

"The cost of it could be retrieved by the generation of electricity."

Mr Duffy, who admits the cost and viability is unknown, said the Bremer would become a more usable river with more water.

"You can't even put a canoe up there," he said.

"Have the dragon boat races, people would be able to enjoy the river without it being a sandbank at low tide.

"There are a few benefits to it."

Mr Duffy's plan comes after fellow mayoral candidate David Martin promised to create a hard shoreline on the CBD section of the river to improve the amenity.