BLACKOUT: A large section of the CBD was without power on Tuesday evening.
BLACKOUT: A large section of the CBD was without power on Tuesday evening.

Man trapped in lift during Gladstone CBD blackout

A SECTION of Gladstone's CBD was plunged into darkness on Tuesday evening after a power outage.

Homes and businesses between Goondoon St, Glenlyon St, the Port Access Rd and Bramston St lost power from 6.19pm because of a fault at the marina feeder, an Ergon Energy representative said.

The problem was originally restricted to 170 customers, but due to the nature of the workarounds Ergon workers needed to perform to restore power, a further 90 customers were affected for short periods of time.

An employee of a business on Goondoon St which lost power told The Observer the block experienced similar outages about once a month.

One customer particularly affected by the power outage was a man who became trapped in a lift at the G60 apartment complex on Glenlyon St for several minutes.

Firefighters were called to the apartment complex at 6.49pm to help free the man, who was reportedly calm throughout the ordeal.

He was freed with a lift key after spending about six or seven minutes inside.

Power had been restored to most of the affected customers by 10.07pm, but a further 52 customers across Gladstone remained in the dark overnight until the cause of the outage was fixed shortly after midday yesterday.

One of those customers was CQUniversity, which was forced to close its Gladstone Marina campus for the day because of the outage.