Man to pay $6000 for park punch at Tannum Sands

IT WAS the case of a friendly barbecue that got too hot, as yet another alcohol-fuelled incident fronted Gladstone Magistrates Court.

Andrew James Dods threw a single punch which resulted in a blow-out fracture to the left eye socket, bruising, burst blood vessels and a 4cm cut above the left eye of the victim.

On February 16 this year, a group of residents of Tannum Beach Caravan Park were at the 'Summer House', a communal area in the park, when Dods and his wife joined the group.

Dods sat down and began drinking with the group at about 5.30pm after being at another function earlier that day, the court heard on Tuesday.

What had begun as a quiet afternoon gathering escalated into a violent altercation, after Dods took exception to the derogatory comments the victim repeatedly made about Dods' place of origin.

Defence solicitor Brad Krebs said his client had been subjected to taunts about where he had grown up as the victim had continually called Dods a 'Hastings dog' in reference to Dods growing up in Hastings, Victoria.

After repeatedly being called what Mr Krebs argued was a derogatory term, Dods went to gather his beers and accompany his wife home, when things escalated.

The victim rose from his chair before Dods punched him.

Mr Krebs said it was a pre-emptive strike, as Dods believed the victim was standing up to start a physical altercation.

Police prosecutor Sean Franklin said the incident had left the victim with no feeling on the left side of his face for some time, requiring a visit to the facial unit of Royal Brisbane Hospital for further treatment.

Dods, 46, was ordered to pay $6000 in compensation and sentenced to six months imprisonment for one count of assault occasioning bodily harm.

The sentence was wholly suspended for 18 months.