A man made threats, which involved a screwdriver, to two victims.
A man made threats, which involved a screwdriver, to two victims.

Man threatens to shove screwdriver up victims’ butts

A GLADSTONE man who harassed two victims threatened to shove a screwdriver up their backsides.

Jason Keith Bevington, 34, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday to using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.

Bevington’s first victim was contacted between August 21 and 22 last year, when Bevington called him 40 times.

Bevington told the victim he had a key to his house and would come around and bash him and threatened to “shove a screwdriver up the victim’s a---”, a court heard.

He sent similar threats via multiple text messages.

The second victim was someone Bevington owed money to, and when he was asked to pay it back, Bevington harassed the victim between September 9 and 15.

He called this victim 37 times and left four voicemails, including telling him to “stay away or I will shove a screwdriver up your a--- and you’ll be spitting up blood” and “I’ll bash your head in with a brick.”

When Bevington was arrested he said it was “payback” and he didn’t see a problem with the calls and messages.

Defence lawyer Ryan Mitchell told the court at the time Bevington had changed medication but he had since sorted it out.

He asked the court to consider Bevington had been on bail for 12 months with no offending.

Bevington was fined $300 and a conviction was recorded.

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