A Gladstone man threatened to shoot a police officer with a bow and arrow.
A Gladstone man threatened to shoot a police officer with a bow and arrow.

Man threatened to shoot cop in head with his bow and arrow

A GLADSTONE man threatened to shoot a police officer with a bow and arrow following a noise complaint.

Neil Robert Armstrong, 37, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on November 17 to obstructing police, assaulting police and contravening direction or requirement of police.

Police were first called to Armstrong’s home for a noise complaint on October 24.

He was asked to give his name which he declined to do.

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Police required him and he was warned he would be arrested if hem did not comply.

Armstrong still did not comply and was subsequently arrested.

Upon arrest he pulled away and tried to hold onto the doorway. He was told to release his hands but did not.

In the early hours of October 25, Armstrong was handed a noise abatement notice for 96 hours due to extremely loud music.

When police left, Armstrong screamed loudly and could be heard from the street.

He yelled out to one officer “if you knock on my door again I’ll shoot you in the head with my bow and arrow” and made unsavoury comments about the officer’s red hair.

The noise was deemed excessive and police returned to the house and arrested Armstrong.

While on the road to the watch-house Armstrong made threats which included “I’ll get you out here, mate I’m going to f---ing flog ya,” “I’ll see you out in the f---ing town c---” and “I’ll find you by your f---ing self”.

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Armstrong was placed into a holding cell where he said to the officer “next time I see you I’m going to do this” and proceeded to knee the cell in an aggressive manner.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said her client had been upset with the officer who had been previously involved in a family matter.

She said Armstrong did have a bow however no actual arrows.

“He couldn’t possibly follow through,” Ms Ditchfield said.

She said at the time Armstrong had been in a “drunken stupor” however had since stopped drinking all together.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey described the offence as “inexcusable.”

Armstrong was sentenced to 12 months probation, a conviction was recorded.