Beyondblue 'Man Therapy' video

'Man Therapy' urges Aussie men to deal with mental issues

MEN are being asked to "man up" and get help for problems such as depression and anxiety, with a new national campaign called Man Therapy, launched in Canberra on Wednesday.

Backed by Beyondblue and Mental Health Minister Mark Butler, the campaign centres on Dr Brian Ironwood, a character invested to promote men's mental health.

The campaign includes online videos asking men to look out for their mates and support each other to improve their mental health.

In Australia, one in eight men are likely to experience depression and one in five are likely to experience anxiety.

While the rates were much lower than women, men were three times more likely to die by suicide than women, with at least 1727 men dying from suicide in 2011.

The advertisements will appear on television, radio, online and in print media and was funded by the Federal Government.

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