FILE PHOTO: New years eve at the Tannum Sands hotel.
FILE PHOTO: New years eve at the Tannum Sands hotel. Mike Richards GLA311216TANNUM

Man tells cops he bought 21 grams of drugs from Tannum pub

A PARKED taxi grabbed Gladstone police officers' attention when its "distressed signal" was flicked on by the driver.

At about 6.15pm on August 28, officers doing patrols in Boyne Island intercepted a taxi when they saw the flashing light.

The court was not told why the distress signal was activated, however inside the cab they found Gladstone man Andrew John Robertson, with a bag containing 21 grams of cannabis hanging out of his pocket.

Robertson pleaded guilty to one count of possessing dangerous drugs in the Gladstone Magistrates Court.

He told the officers he had just bought the drugs from an unknown person at the Tannum Sands Hotel.

Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said her 52-year-old client was a fisherman and regularly worked out at sea.

She said her client could be out at sea for weeks at a time, and bought in bulk, to help with pain relief and sleep.

"He can give up drugs, he has done it before and been fine," Ms Ramos said.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho noted the man tried to plead guilty in writing, however she declined to due to the high amount of drugs he was caught with,

Ms Ho imposed a $500 fine and recorded a conviction.