Police deployed a taser on a Gladstone man after he punched a security guard.
Police deployed a taser on a Gladstone man after he punched a security guard.

Man tasered after punching security at nightclub

A GLADSTONE man was tasered and arrested after he punched a security guard outside a nightclub.

Paul Chaplin, 35, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to public nuisance.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Merrilyn Hoskins told the court that on October 16, Chaplin and three others attended the MiePlace nightclub before Chaplin and two others were removed at 10.15pm.

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Sgt Hoskins said Chaplin was argumentative with security and he yelled, swore and pointed before clenching his fists and walking towards them in a threatening manner.

Four security guards were required to move on Chaplin and the two others.

Sgt Hoskins said Chaplin moved to the taxi rank across the road and continued to yell at security when the third person was also removed from the club.

Chaplin continued to taunt security and became agitated.

Police arrived following reports an associate had assaulted a person at the venue.

Chaplin took issue and was separated from the others.

He told police his associate had been provoked and ran past police to where his associate was being restrained.

Security came out to stop him getting involved.

In response, Chaplin swung a left hook at a security officer causing his mouth to bleed.

Police drew a taser.

Chaplin struck the guard again with a right hook and then the taser was deployed and Chaplin was taken into custody.

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Self-represented in court, Chaplin said he had been assaulted when he was in the venue.

He said he didn’t believe he was that intoxicated.

Chaplin was fined $800 with no conviction recored.

He was banned from the Gladstone SafeNight precinct for the next 12 months.