A Clifton man has been fined after stealing his neighbour’s sex toys.
A Clifton man has been fined after stealing his neighbour’s sex toys.

Man steals neighbour’s sex toys, underwear, sandwich maker

WHEN a Clifton man was asked to feed his neighbour's pets while she was away, he decided to instead rummage through her home and steal some of her most intimate possessions.

Jason Patrick McMahon entered the woman's home in November, helping himself to four vibrating sex toys, women's underwear, DVDs, jewellery, a Breville sandwich maker and personal documents.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan told the Warwick Magistrates Court the woman returned home to find the 30-year-old man inside her house and told him to leave.

A search warrant executed at the man's home uncovered some of the missing items.

Lawyer Phil Crook said his client suffered from mental health issues including ADHD, autism and potentially schizophrenia.

Magistrate Julian Noud said McMahon's actions were 'deplorable'.

"The neighbour had left the house and entrusted you to come into her house and feed her animals instead you stole from her," he said.

"I consider it fairly deplorable behaviour by you Mr McMahon, you were in essence in a position of trust and you were in fact stealing from underneath her nose."

McMahon pleaded guilty to stealing and was fined $400.

No conviction was recorded.


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