Nait Anthony Jones, 19.
Nait Anthony Jones, 19.

Man steals karaoke singer’s wallet at nightclub

A man who stole a karaoke singer’s wallet while he was on stage appeared in court on Monday.

Nait Anthony Jones, 19, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to one count of stealing.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey.

Police prosecutor Merrilyn Hoskins read the facts of Jones’ case to the court.

At 11.15pm on July 30 last year, Jones was sitting with friends at a table at MiePlace Niteclub.

The victim, a 70-year-old man, was sitting by himself at another table with his wallet, which contained $450, inside his jacket over a bar stool.

A short time later, the victim left his jacket on the stool while he sang karaoke.

While the victim was singing, Jones removed the victim’s jacket from the bar stool and walked back in with it a short time later.

The victim, from the stage, saw Jones return his jacket and yelled into the microphone, “Hey put my jacket down, put it back where you got it from.”

The victim called security and checked his jacket to notice his wallet missing.

During a conversation with security, Jones stated he would give the victim $400, however, that did not occur.

Jones then walked to a small bin next to an ATM machine and located the victim’s wallet in the bin.

At 5.30pm on December 4, Jones voluntarily attended Miriam Vale police station and took part in an interview.

Jones was released from Miriam Vale Police Station on a bail undertaking to appear in Gladstone Magistrates Court after a lengthy interview with police.

Jones was convicted and placed on a 12-month good behaviour order with a $500 recognisance.

He was also ordered to pay $450 restitution.