DRUG DRIVER: A man who drove under the influence of drugs blew his tyre on the way home.
DRUG DRIVER: A man who drove under the influence of drugs blew his tyre on the way home.

Man smoked joints before he drove and blew his tyre

A GLADSTONE man thought he would be able to drive a minute around the corner after smoking joints, but ended up blowing a tyre on the way, a court was told.

Christopher Trent Boulton, 26, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to driving under the influence of drugs and possess utensil.

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Police prosecutor Sergeant Merrilyn Hoskins said that on May 23 at 9pm Boulton was located near a Caltex in South Gladstone with a car with three tyres and one rim.

She said Boulton told the police he had driven from a mate’s house one minute away and had been smoking joints before driving.

His eyes were blood shot and glazed and his speech was slow and spaced out.

Sgt Hoskins told the court Boulton’s vehicle was search where police located two water pipes, which he told police were his.

He was transported to hospital for further testing which showed the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said Boulton had just blown his tyre right before police arrived.

She said Boulton had been having an argument with his father over the phone who had called police claiming Boulton was going to harm himself, which was untrue.

Ms Ditchfield said he had used the drugs to try and calm himself down so he didn’t retaliate and blowing the tyre on his car was just “insult to injury.”

Boulton was convicted and fined $900 and disqualified from driving for nine months noting his licence had already been suspended for two and a half months.

A conviction was recorded.