Lock Desmond Richter, 54, leaves Maryborough Magistrates Court after sentencing.
Lock Desmond Richter, 54, leaves Maryborough Magistrates Court after sentencing. Annie Perets

Man responsible for starting Granville siege sent home

A SMALL home in Granville made headlines as a man believed to be wielding a gun hid inside.

A three-hour siege ensued as swarms of police officers armed with rifles and wearing bulletproof vests piled into May St last Tuesday.

The man responsible for the dramatic marathon, 54-year-old Lock Desmond Richter, spent eight days in jail before being released back into the community on Tuesday.

He pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court to threatening violence and dangerous drug possession.

Prior to the siege, Richter flaunted what appeared to be stainless steal handgun from a "Western movie" in front of a female neighbour while police officers were already at her house.

The officers were there conducting forensic investigations over an unrelated matter.

So when Richter walked away, the neighbour quickly informed an officer of the suspected gun.

That's when the daylight siege began.

But despite the street being blocked with road spurs and police negotiators on loudspeaker, the court heard Richter claimed to have been oblivious to the fact that dozens of armed officers were outside his house.

Later, the gun which sparked the panic was confirmed as a fake.

Defence lawyer Travis George said Richter had planned to use the toy weapon to discipline his dog by hitting it.

Magistrate Terry Duroux found this explanation "odd".

He warned Richter he could have been up for animal cruelty type charges if he treated the dog in the way he had planned to.

Richter was sentenced to three months in jail, suspended with an operational period of 18 months.

This means he walks free but the sentence hangs over his head for a year and a half and if he offends again, he could end up having to serve the whole term behind bars.

Following the siege, Richter did a dance for the waiting media pack before jumping into the back of a police van.

Inside, officers found a small amount of marijuana seeds.

The court heard Richter, who receives a disability pension, will be looking for a new place to live upon his release.

The Granville home at the centre of the siege was said to belong to his parents.