Trenton Lee Fitzgerald was sentenced to 12 months’ jail for serious assault.
Trenton Lee Fitzgerald was sentenced to 12 months’ jail for serious assault.

Man released after assaulting six cops in violent siege

A man who threatened police with a meat cleaver during a two hour siege has blown kisses to a Magistrate as he was given immediate parole.

Trenton Lee Fitzgerald, 42, was on a suspended sentence for assaulting a police officer when he assaulted six police officers in Ingham this year.

On March 15, the Townsville Magistrates Court heard Fitzgerald presented to the Ingham Hospital.

Fitzgerald was banging his head against a wall that caused $100 worth of damage.

On May 12 this year, the court heard police attended an address in Ingham after reports of a disturbance.

Police prosecutor Len Brown told the court when police arrived Fitzgerald was asked to come out of the home but instead threatened police.

"The defendant has shown a meat cleaver and has thrown it towards the officers," he said.

"The incident lasted approximately two hours that can only be described as a siege."

The court heard when Fitzgerald produced the meat cleaver a police officer pulled out his gun and told him to put the weapon down.

Fitzgerald threw shards of glass out a house window, hitting two police officers and smashing the windscreen of a police car, the court heard.

Mr Brown told the court Fitzgerald also threw a wooden plank towards the police officers landing on the balcony.

After the two hour stand-off with police, Fitzgerald surrendered.

The court heard the damage to the house amounted to $7817.

Fitzgerald pleaded guilty to 11 offences including six counts of serious assault on a police officer whilst pretending/is armed with a weapon.

The court heard Fitzgerald had a two page criminal history including an assault on a police office in 2017.

Defence lawyer for Fitzgerald Emily Olditch said her client suffered from undiagnosed mental health issues and that he had been drinking at the time of the incident.

"He has lost his temper and has lost control but he never intended to harm the police officers in attendance that day," she said.

Ms Olditch presented two letters of apology written by Fitzgerald to the court describing his actions as, "embarrassing, deplorable and disgusting".

Magistrate Cathy Wadley told Fitzgerald his offending was "very serious" and it was fortunate no one was injured in the siege.

Ms Wadley took into account the 82 days spent in pre-sentence custody and sentenced Fitzgerald to 12 months' jail with immediate parole.

After the sentence was imposed, Fitzgerald jumped up and fist pumped the air while blowing kisses to Ms Wadley, telling her, "Thank-you, your honour".

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