Dundowran man Chic Simpson will need surgery after an alleged road rage attack.
Dundowran man Chic Simpson will need surgery after an alleged road rage attack.

GUILTY: Man who bashed 76-year-old in road rage attack

A MAN, who beat a 76-year-old in a road rage incident, claims he may not physically be able to complete many community service hours.

Barry John Mcnamee pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Wednesday to serious assault of a person over 60.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Sonia Edwards said the 41-year-old lost his temper after he overtook the victim.

"He was furious with the vehicle he overtook who sped up behind him and was flashing his lights' she said.

Both men pulled over and Mcnamee got out of the car and punched local identity Chic Simpson who was still seated in the driver's seat.

The court heard that Mr Simpson followed Mcnamee back to his car and punched him back.

Witnessed said the punches Mcnamee then inflicted on the Dundowran grandfather were "fast and brutal".

Mcnamee told police he punched Mr Simpson up to seven times.

Defence lawyer Hamish Isles said the Dundowran Beach resident received a disability support pension and was managing PTSD and a number of physical issues.

"As the result of a boating accident some years ago he sustained a significant head injury requiring him to undergo six months of recovery and has ongoing pain from that," he said.

The man and his wife moved to Dundowran Beach from Stanthorpe last year.

A letter was provided to the court from Mcnamee's doctor which suggested that perhaps an adrenaline response was triggered as part of his PTSD which resulted in him seeking out a confrontation.

Magistrate Stephen Guttridge asked if Mcnamee would be open to a sentence including community service.

Mr Isles said the defendant was potentially going to have some difficultly completing physical labour over the period of an hour or two.

The matter was adjourned until November 12 for sentence.

Mr Guttridge said he wanted to see a pre-sentence report to find out Mcnamee's suitability for community service.