Accused in court after punch that left man partly blind

EXPLETIVE-ridden cross-examination heated up Gladstone District Court as the first day of the trial of Joshua Ryan Breslin, charged with one count of grievous bodily harm, got underway on Monday.

Breslin, 25, sat in the dock before the jury, on trial for grievous bodily harm against Bryce Liddell, now 27, at a 21st birthday held at Wallabys Rugby League ground on July 26, 2008.

The Crown called eyewitnesses, including the victim himself, to testify about the incident, during which Breslin allegedly punched Mr Liddell in the head, which resulted in Mr Liddell losing sight in one eye.

Defence barrister Tom Polley came across a prickly customer when Casey Mikl took to the witness stand.

Mr Mikl had to be asked a number of times by Judge Brendan Butler to keep his cool and answer the questions as Mr Mikl became increasingly agitated with Mr Polley's line of questioning.

Earlier, Crown Prosecutor Brendan Manttan outlined the Crown case, during which he said Breslin punched Mr Liddell repeatedly in the head as he was being restrained by another person.

During the fight, a punch that struck Mr Liddell's left eye "felt different" according to the victim.

"The inside of my eyeball was leaking down my face," Mr Liddell recalled.

Ophthalmologist Lawrence Hirst said previous corneal procedures had left Mr Liddell's eyes more susceptible to trauma, and the punch had in effect ripped an 8mm hole out of Mr Liddell's eye.

The trial will resume this morning with Crown witnesses to give evidence.