GENERIC IMAGE: Generic police tape / crime scene image to use with cop stories.
GENERIC IMAGE: Generic police tape / crime scene image to use with cop stories.

Man lead police on high-speed highway chase

A MAN driving up to 140km/h on the Bruce Highway crossed over into the opposite lane in the face of incoming traffic in an effort to evade police during a high-speed chase.

Dylan Clinton Hague, 27, pleaded guilty to six charges including one of dangerously operating a motor vehicle when he fronted Townsville Magistrates Court yesterday.

The court heard on September 17, 2018, Hague led police on a chase after driving erratically and unlicensed on the highway, ending up in Townsville after stealing petrol from two service stations along the way.

The man started his offending by driving dangerously between North Queensland towns, stopping twice in Sarina and Ayr to fill up for fuel, before driving off without paying.

Police had received complaints from the public because of the manner of Hague's driving, activating their sirens when they found the car he was driving.

Hague refused to pull over, and instead accelerated off, reaching up to 140km/h and crossing the double white lines on the highway into the other lane, causing incoming vehicles to flash their headlights at him in alarm.

Police prosecutor Liam Wise described Hague's driving as "reckless and dangerous" with a disregard for the risk he had posed to the community through his erratic driving.

"Ultimately we have a situation that occurred on the Bruce Highway … knowing that we are dealing with a major road that naturally has had significant fatal crashes this year," he said.

The court heard Hague committed the offences while on two wholly suspended jail sentences, and has a long criminal history peppered with offending of a similar nature.

Defence lawyer Lisa McNamara told the court Hague had battled with drugs for a significant period of his life and had spent 176 days in pre-sentence custody.

Magistrate Steven Mosch sentenced Hague to 2½ years jail and disqualified him from holding a driver's licence for two years.

Hague will be remaining in custody until Brisbane District Court proceedings are finalised.