Man 'indecently' touched women at sporting club

WEARING a white shirt and black trousers, a man who at 51, had never been in trouble with the law, stood before Maryborough Magistrates Court.   

He was about to be punished for a crime which painted him as a sleaze and brute.   

The court heard he had spent New Year's Eve inappropriately touching women at the Maryborough Cricket Club before head-butting a former president of the club.  

On Monday, the court was told the man had been caught "indecently" dealing with patrons, staff and volunteers at the venue during celebrations.  

He was kicked out of the Maryborough Cricket Club well before the midnight countdown.

Police were called about 9.40pm.    The Maryborough man pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly at a licenced premises.   

Defence lawyer Travis George said his client hit the booze hard on New Year's Eve in response to the break-up of a 24-year relationship.  

The head-butting incident occurred when the man was approached by people at the club regarding his excessive drinking.   

He had to be restrained by police officers during his dramatic exit from the venue.  

"He's genuinely embarrassed," Mr George said.  

"He had been drinking too much."  

The man was fined $700.   

He was also given a police banning notice preventing him from re-entering the club.  

No conviction was recorded.