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Man hunt for Kelly Osbourne

SHARON Osbourne is desperate to find Kelly Osbourne a new boyfriend.

The former 'Fashion Police' co-host enjoyed a brief romance with model Ricki Hall after calling off her engagement to British chef Matthew Mosshart in early 2014, but her mother, 63, is eager for her to settle down and has been looking online for possible suitors.

A source told America's OK! magazine: "Kelly will go crazy when she finds out. She doesn't need reminders that she's single especially from her mother. She used to be able to laugh it off, but it's getting old."

The 30-year-old star previously insisted she is single because men of a similar age find her "intimidating".

She said: "I love the way that the media makes me sound like I have this lovely sex life. Actually the only thing going on in my vagina is cobwebs.

"I know I'm incredibly intimidating, nobody around my age isn't terrified of me and I'm not into dating younger guys. I'm not quite ready for old bulls yet. I'm just putting a little bit of a gap in there; I'm focusing more on work."