A young Gladstone man had plans to supply drugs to his 17-year-old girlfriend. Picture: iStock
A young Gladstone man had plans to supply drugs to his 17-year-old girlfriend. Picture: iStock

Man had plans to supply drugs to his girlfriend, a minor

A GLADSTONE man landed himself in the district court after he made admissions to the serious offence of supplying drugs to a minor.

Nathan Kurtis Reese was pulled over in Glen Eden on May 26, 2019 where during a search police located marijuana and a set of scales.

Reese, 19 at the time, told the police half of the 6g found was for him and the other half for his 17-year-old girlfriend.

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The confession was one Crown Prosecutor Samantha O’Rourke conceded as the basis for the offence which landed Reese in the Gladstone District Court on Tuesday.

Without it Reese would have likely only faced a drug possession charge.

Ms O’Rourke said the offence was the lowest level of supply as the minor never actually received the drugs.

Defence lawyer Tom Polley said the offence occurred two weeks before Reese’s girlfriend turned 18.

“Two weeks later this wouldn’t have ended up in this jurisdiction,” Mr Polley said.

He told the court Reese had a disadvantaged start to life being subject to strict discipline with sticks, belts and even a horse whip between the ages 4 and 11.

He said Reese had a number of mental health concerns including ADHD, ADD, schizophrenia, bipolar and an anti-social disorder.

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Reese pleaded guilty to three charges; supply of a dangerous drug to a minor 16 or more, possessing dangerous drugs and possession property suspected of being used in the commission of a drug offence.

Judge Michael Burnett told Reese he needed to grow up and start behaving in a law abiding way.

“If you enjoy prison by all means continue offending,” Judge Burnett said.

Reese was sentenced to three months imprisonment with immediate parole – time declared already served.