Man had knife to defend against mystery intruders

A LOCAL man may have been better served calling Ghostbusters rather than Triple-0, after being sentenced in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Damian Allan Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a knife in a public place, after the court heard the bizarre circumstances leading to the offence.

Just before 5am on February 16, police received an emergency call from Fitzpatrick, who claimed his house had been entered by intruders.

He armed himself with a knife to defend himself and was headed towards a supermarket on Toolooa St.

Fitzpatrick threw the knife into a skip bin before officers arrived.

Police helped Fitzpatrick by conducting a search of his home, but did not locate any sign of intruders.

Fitzpatrick told officers he had recently used illicit substances but was not under the influence at the time.

Defence solicitor Sharon Kang said her client had armed himself for fear of his own safety.

Fitzpatrick, 21, was fined $350 but avoided a conviction being recorded against him.