The man fired a rifle into his neighbour’s yard after an argument. File photo
The man fired a rifle into his neighbour’s yard after an argument. File photo

Man fired rifle into ‘terrifying’ neighbour’s yard

A GYMPIE man who fired his rifle into his neighbour's yard said he wanted the man to know what it was like to be afraid in his own home.

On July 19, Raymond Alan Schmidt, 67, who had been drinking throughout the day, got into an argument with his neighbour, who Schmidt and his partner had an ongoing dispute with.

The neighbour had previously been accused of poisoning one of Schmidt's dogs, and scaring them enough that they behaved nervously around him.


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Schmidt had been arguing with the neighbour for "months and months" and said his partner was also "terrified" of the neighbour, who he claims yells at them and their pets.

After the argument Schmidt went back into his house, grabbed his 0.223 rifle and fired a shot into his neighbour's yard, to alarm him and make feel what it was like to be "scared in his own home".

Schmidt said the rifle had never been fired before, and he was even startled himself by how loud it was, and knew the police would be called.

He left his rifle and another air rifle out, and when police arrived they found Schmidt on his couch with the rifles leaning on it.

The police said they could smell alcohol on Schmidt and saw that he was "considerably intoxicated" but he was co-operative.

Schmidt said he had drank two bottles of wine during the day and into the night, after going out for lunch and then entertaining guests at his home.

Schmidt, who has a weapons permit for the guns, was charged with possessing a weapon while under the influence of alcohol and pleaded guilty in Gympie Magistrates Court this week.

He was fined $400 and no conviction was recorded.