A man has been fined after abandoning a litter of seven bull-arab puppies at Mt Larcom.
A man has been fined after abandoning a litter of seven bull-arab puppies at Mt Larcom. Christopher Chan

Man faces court after dumping puppies on road at Mt Larcom

A FATHER who watched his family fall apart said he had "lost it" when he decided to abandon a litter of seven bull-arab puppies at Mt Larcom.

Johnathan Robin Kotler, 53, appeared before Gladstone Magistrates Court this week to face one charge of unreasonable abandonment or release.

He pleaded guilty.

The court heard that on July 6 at about 8.30am the puppies were found near Targinnie Rd, Targinnie by a passer-by, who raised the alarm with council.

Council staff attended and took possession of the puppies, which were estimated to be between six and 10 weeks old.

As a result of an article published in The Observer about the abandonment, police received a tip-off as to the identity of the offender.

Defence solicitor Jun Pepito told Magistrate Russell Warfield his client was suffering as a result of his family breaking down after an incident between his sons led to his wife leaving him.

Kotler had been left to care for the puppies, which were owned by one of his adult children, despite repeatedly pleading with them to either sell or hand over the puppies to the RSPCA.

The shift worker had just returned home from shopping when one of the puppies began jumping over him, which pushed Kotler over the edge.

He bundled the puppies into a bucket before dumping them on the road near Targinnie Rd and Port Curtis Way, where they were found.

Kotler, remorseful of his actions, was handed a $750 fine by Magistrate Russell Warfield, who said he should have picked up the phone and called the RSPCA rather than abandon the puppies.

Kotler also was ordered to pay $750 to the Gladstone Friends of RSPCA as part restitution, part donation, for its efforts in ensuring the puppies were safe.

The puppies were forfeited to the Gladstone Friends of RSPCA service and Kotler was prohibited from purchasing, possessing or acquiring a dog for two years.