FALL: A man fell eight metres down a cliff last night.
FALL: A man fell eight metres down a cliff last night. Paul Donaldson

Injured man waits hours while friend climbs to get help

A 25-YEAR-OLD man was walking to a fishing hole in Sundown National Park last night when he slipped and fell 8m down a cliff face.

With two broken ankles and cuts, he waited a couple of hours at the bottom of the cliff while his friend climbed through the park to find phone reception and alert emergency services.

The emergency call was made about 7.38pm, starting a massive rescue effort at Nundubbermere, south-west of Stanthorpe.

Ten SES staff were on scene to rescue the man, including two vertical rescue crews from Warwick and Toowoomba as well as a crew from Stanthorpe.

Stanthorpe Police Sergeant Shane Gleeson said weather conditions would not allow the Brisbane man to be winched to safety. 

Instead a two-rope system and stretcher were used to rescue the man.

He was brought to safety about 3.44am this morning and transported in a stable condition to Stanthorpe Hospital.