The court heard Burn did the burnout as a tribute to his brother who had recently passed away.
The court heard Burn did the burnout as a tribute to his brother who had recently passed away.

Man faces court for ‘send off’ skid after brother’s death

A burnout that was intended to be a tribute to his brother following his recent death, has landed a man in court after being charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle.

Jade Kylan Robert Burn pleaded guilty to the offence on Thursday in Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

On February 2, police received a number of calls of reports of a screaming engine and tyres on Bundaberg Gin Gin Rd at Gin Gin.

Police attended the scene where they saw shredded tyres littered all over the intersection and a number of tyre marks in the form of doughnuts on the road way.

They also saw rim markings on the road which lead to where the car was.

Burn approached police and told him that he was the one who did it.

He told officers that his brother, who had recently passed away, was a "rev head" and he wanted to "give him a send off".

Burn told police that his brother had made it known to him that if he were to die he wanted Burn to "perform a skid in his honour".

He said after the incident he drove home on his rims.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Steve Bardini told the court the incident happened near a rise on the road making it "extremely dangerous" for visibility of eastbound traffic.

Sgt Bardini said when Burn spoke to police he accepted his conduct was dangerous and that he was remorseful.

Burn, who was self represented, told the court that he knew what he did was "extremely stupid" and that he "wasn't thinking at the time" and wasn't in the right state of mind.

He said did it at a "safe hour of the night" because he knew it would be too dangerous to do at the funeral.

Burn said there was no traffic around at the time.

Magistrate Andrew Moloney took into account Burn's plea of guilty and that it came at the earliest opportunity.

Mr Moloney also took into account Burn co-operated with police and his remorse and that the act was a form of tribute to his brother.

Burn was fined $1000 and was disqualified from holding a licence for six months.

A conviction was not recorded.

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