Man warned to 'keep hands off' after violent assault

MARK Mauigoa's forehand to his ex-lover's forearm wasn't enough to earn the Gladstone man time behind bars.

Fronting Rockhampton District Court on Wednesday charged with three counts of assault, a remorseful Mauigoa pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months jail.

However, he was released under strict parole conditions.

The court heard Mauigoa got into a verbal argument over text messages on his ex-partner's phone following a dinner party on April 15 last year at Crestmead, south of Brisbane.

When the argument turned physical, his ex-partner grabbed a tennis racquet to defend himself from a furious Mauigoa.

After walking away from the confrontation, Mauigoa returned with a vodka bottle and tapped it on his ex-partner's face, who retaliated and swung the racquet.

The pair got into a wrestle before Mauigoa repeatedly punched the victim in the face, before pinning him against the bedroom door and holding his right forearm on his throat.

The ex-partner then fell to the ground and Mauigoa struck him on the forearm with the tennis racquet.

The victim escaped and ran to a friend's house 2km away before being treated at the Logan Hospital for facial injuries.

Mauigoa's defence lawyer told the court his client had been intoxicated at the time of the attack and had since curbed his drinking habits.

Judge Nicholas Samios told the court the complainant had not wanted the charges to proceed.

In handing down his verdict, the judge gave the father-of-three a stern warning.

"You keep your hands off anyone else," Judge Samios said.