IN COURT: A Gladstone man is on trial for an array of charges after alleged offending at two pubs.
IN COURT: A Gladstone man is on trial for an array of charges after alleged offending at two pubs.

Man denies punching club worker before being knocked out

A MAN who claims he was knocked out by a bowls club worker has pleaded not guilty to an array of charges on Monday.

Martin Gregory Ross, self represented, pleaded not guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to assault police licensed premises, commit public nuisance within a licenced premises or in the vicinity of licensed premises and fail to leave licensed premises.

However, he pleaded guilty to obstruct police after he repeatedly talked over police at the Tannum Sands Hotel.

The charges arose from two different alleged incidents from outside the hotel and the Boyne Island Bowls club.

Police allege on the night of July 31, 2019,Mr Ross slapped an infringement notice out of Constable Rodham’s hand and came into contact with the officer’s hand, something Mr Ross denies.

While Constable Rodham was on the stand, Mr Ross questioned how the officer could consider him to be “moderately intoxicated” when he blew a blood alcohol reading of .183.

Mr Ross also asked how he could have been considered able to follow police direction in his state.

When it was Mr Ross’s turn to give evidence, he insisted his hand did not touch the constable’s hand and he had “complete control” and would have been aware if he did.

The two other charges arise from Friday, August 2 at the Boyne Tannum Bowls club where police allege Mr Ross banged on the windows of the venue after being told to leave because they were closed.

The allegations included Mr Ross hitting staff member Peter Cameron before Mr Cameron punched Mr Ross.

In police body camera footage shown to the court, Mr Ross can be seen with a bloodied head and a pile of blood can be seen in the concrete ground of the bowls club.

Mr Ross denied the claims he punched Mr Cameron and told the court he was aware the club closed at 8.30pm and he had called a taxi at 8.12pm providing his call log as evidence.

Mr Ross alleged bar manager Reginald ‘Neil’ Nugent was the one who was banging on the window and Mr Ross approached the window with his phone in his hand and could not understand what Mr Nugent was saying.

Mr Ross claims Mr Cameron approached him and without saying a word knocked him out. Mr Ross said he does not remember anything after that, including speaking with police in footage shown to the court, until he woke up in the Gladstone Hospital later in the evening.

Mr Ross presented a photo of his injuries to the court and questioned how they could have been sustained from one strike.

Mr Ross did not cross examine Mr Nugent or Mr Cameron telling the court he had severe anxiety and did not know how to cross examine.

The case was adjourned to Wednesday for Deputy Chief Magistrate Leanne O’Shea to make her decision.