Man claims ‘spiritual episode’ led to drama at caravan park

A man who threw a rock through his neighbour's vehicle's rear window, after knocking on their door because his partner wouldn't let him inside their cabin, claims he had a "spiritual" episode.

Jamaine Aicy Zaro, 32, was on February 24 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court ordered to pay $1000, with no conviction recorded, for charges including wilful damage and public nuisance.

Police prosecutor Mr Boyd said Zaro and a friend arrived at a Rockhampton caravan park at 1am after driving from Brisbane.

He said Zaro had been drinking alcohol and tried to get into the cabin where he was staying with his partner and children.

Mr Boyd said Zaro's partner would not let him in because of his behaviour.

He said she threw keys out the window and told him to "get out".

He said Zaro knocked on the neighbour's door and was smashing things around the vicinity.

Mr Boyd said he picked up a rock and threw it through the neighbour's rear car window with the rock later found on the rear seat.

He said Zaro's partner was not cooperative with police, but was clearly distressed by the events.

Mr Boyd said she didn't want to talk to police but wanted them to take Zaro away.

Defence lawyer Brendan Gimbert said Zaro worked as a machine operator for a company constructing hotel units.

He said his client had returned from Brisbane after taking a HR licence test and had two alcoholic drinks.

Mr Gimbert said Zaro had already paid for the car window to be replaced.

He said his client claimed "the events of that day occurred after an inbalance of the mind, more spiritual than mental health".

Mr Gimbert said Zaro had mental health issues years ago, was given medication and had not had any further episodes.

Zaro said it was "like a fairy tale", "like a basketball shot".