Man claims government failed him over the abuse of children

"I'M here. I've been counted," a middle-aged man told Ipswich Magistrates Court after he pleaded to a Commonwealth offence that he had failed to fill out the Australian Census.

"I won't pay a fine. I will do jail time instead," he told magistrate Donna MacCallum.

The man pleaded guilty to six counts of failing to comply with a direction during 2017.

His reason: as a form of personal protest to the Government he blames for failing to act in a case of abuse meted out to his children by another man.

The man said he'd tried to get help in the matter and gone to his local MP in another area of Brisbane but no one intervened.

"The abuse on my kids continued," he said.

"I do plead guilty to not completing the Census forms," he said.

The Federal prosecutor said the offences took place between February and July last year. He said the fines were $180 on each of five charges. The penalty increased to $210 for the final offence.

"He was very respectful (to staff who contacted him) about completing his Census forms."

The man told Ms MacCallum it was one of his positions in refusing to help the Government.

"I've already spent time in jail for failing to pay a SPER fine. And for assaulting the man abusing my children," he said.

"If the purpose of the Census is to be counted... I'm here. I've been counted."

However, Ms MacCallum pointed out the various reasons for the Government Census, that it was not only to count heads.

Showing some empathy, she said that while she understood his position, it was an obligation.

She noted he had been pleasant and respectful to the department staff, and that he had personal issues regarding his children.

The man was discharged with no conviction - put on a $300 good behaviour bond for 12 months.