Ongoing feud prompts man to arm himself with knife, axe

A GLADSTONE man armed with an axe and knife for self-defence has been warned he will be sent to prison if he's caught again.

An ongoing feud between himself and another group of men left Gary Antonio Salvato Arico feeling unsafe and in need of protection.

The 47-year-old was walking down Yaroon St, on his way home, at 2am on March 16 where he thought his rivals were waiting for him.

But something about the way he was walking aroused suspicion with police.

When Arico was approached by some nearby officers, he told them of the threats made against him and declared he would defend himself, and admitted he was armed.

He took out the axe and placed it on the ground before walking away from police, who stopped him and found the knife.

Arico appeared in Gladstone Magistrates court on Tuesday, pleading guilty to one charge of possession of a knife in a public place and one charge of possession of implements about to be used in relation to particular offences.

Magistrate Damien Dwyer said it was a troubling development.

"First an axe and a knife, what's next? A gun? Where do we stop?" he said.

Arico was placed on probation.