Morgan Derbyshire
Morgan Derbyshire

Man charged with assaulting policewoman fronts court

A TOWNSVILLE man has been granted bail after allegedly assaulting a senior female police officer, causing her to fall and crack her teeth on the pavement.

Morgan Derbyshire, 33, appeared in Townsville Magistrates Court charged with serious assault of a police officer.

The court was told police were called to the Easterbrook Crescent home in Kirwan on Thursday night to deal with a domestic violence matter.

Derbyshire had been drinking with his cousin before his cousin punched him resulting in a dispute, the court also heard.

The court was told Derbyshire was intoxicated at the time of the offending and does not have a clear recollection of the night.

Derbyshire was handcuffed and while he was being escorted to the police car by the senior constable, he dropped his body weight in the concrete driveway, causing the 58-year-old officer to fall with him.

The officer suffered a chipped tooth, sustained an injury to her upper gum and grazed her upper lip.

She was taken to Townsville Hospital but has since been discharged.

Derbyshire was granted bail with conditions and is due to reappear in court in January 2020.