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Man caught using weed for pain avoids conviction

CRAIG Desmond Carter, 55, has left court without a conviction despite pleading guilty in the Bundaberg District Court to three drug charges.

Judge Katherine McGinness yesterday heard Carter had been growing marijuana plants in his backyard to treat his chronic wrist pain - an injury he had suffered in a garbage truck accident.

On May 3 police executed a search warrant at Carter's Lowmead home, where they found 4g of seedlings, 146g of mature marijuana plants and a further 300g of weed in the house.

The 146g consisted of about 200 growing plants, however, Judge McGinness told the court she acknowledged not all the mature plants would result in fully flowering plants.

The man made full admissions to police and told them he only produced the drugs for his own personal use in the hopes of combating his pain.

"He lives in constant pain," defence barrister Jacob Robson said.

Carter's brother, who the court heard helped grow the plants, was also charged in relation to the offences and will appear in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday.

Mr Robson said his client had no similar offences in his criminal history and asked Judge McGinness to exercise her discretion and not record a conviction.

He also submitted a fine in the range of $500 to $1000 would be the most suitable penalty for Carter.

The 55-year-old was fined a total of $1000 by Judge McGinness.

She did not record a conviction.