Stuart George Saunders.
Stuart George Saunders. Annie Perets

Man brutally attacks 18-year-old girlfriend

OUT on an isolated Hervey Bay road, a young woman seized an opportunity to try to run away from her attacker.  

But the raging man caught the 18-year-old and dragged her back into his car.   

The man she tried to escape was her boyfriend, Stuart George Saunders.  

This week he was sentenced in Hervey Bay District Court over a string of assaults on his former partner.  

The 21-year-old offender had used his girlfriend as a punching bag during their relationship, hospitalising her on several occasions, the court heard.   

During his jealousy-fuelled rage on June 30 last year, she feared what he was capable of.   

Saunders punched his girl-friend in the face, spat in her eye and threatened to rape her, after driving her to a location where nobody would hear her screams.   His rampage was over one of his girlfriend's male friends.   

When she attempted to call for help, he threw her phone into the ocean.  

The prolonged attack was the last time he laid a finger on the woman.   

She isn't the only one to have felt his wrath.  Saunders also pleaded guilty during his court appearance to assaulting a random stranger.  

In October 2017, on Hervey Bay's Esplanade, Saunders punched a driver through his car window, causing a fracture to to the man's face.  

This was after he accused the man of attempting to run him off the road.   

It was not the only time he has attacked a stranger.   

Last time he graced the pages of the Chronicle, it was for a random unprovoked attack on two brothers during a night out in Hervey Bay.  

Saunders was kept in custody following his arrest over offending against his former partner.  

Judge Gary Long ordered him to a 12-month intensive corrections order, which is a community-based prison sentence during which he will be under intensive supervision.