Police generic arrest. 28 July 2017
Police generic arrest. 28 July 2017 Trevor Veale

Man bashed with tyre iron for sending penis pics to drug addict’s ex

A 42-YEAR-OLD man with 17 charges hanging over his head has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment with immediate parole.

Christopher Renton Tailby pleaded guilty to a long list of criminal offences in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday, the most serious of which involved a violent, pre-meditated attack on his ex-partner's friend.

On May 3 Tailby walked over to the victim's house on French St in the middle of the night with a one-metre-long tyre iron in his possession.

The court heard the victim had been sending images of his genitalia to Tailby's ex-partner, as well as supplying her with marijuana.

When the defendant arrived at his destination, he spotted the victim sitting outside the home, having a drink.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Tailby walked over to the man and picked up his mobile phone, prompting the victim to ask what he was doing.

Wasting no time, Tailby began throwing punches, none of which made contact with the victim.

Retaliating, the victim struck Tailby hard in the face, Sgt Stevens said.

The defendant then pulled a one-metre-long tyre iron out and smashed it into the victims skin repeatedly, hitting him a total of four times.

When police arrived at the address, drops of blood were visible on the ground where the blows had landed.

The victim was later taken to hospital for the injuries he sustained in the attack and was treated for swelling, bruising, and an inch-long gash on his left arm.

Witnesses told police Tailby had left the home after he hurled the fourth blow at his victim, walking down the street out of sight.

When the defendant was arrested and charged for the violent assault occasioning bodily harm weeks later, police found a loose hypodermic needle in his underwear.

The incident at the watch house, however, was not the first time Tailby had been caught in possession of drug related items.

Sgt Stevens said about one month earlier, on April 14, police officers had observed the defendant acting euphorically inside a phone booth.

When asked when he last used drugs Tailby confessed it had been just that morning. A search of his backpack also revealed a small cone piece and a metal and gold pipe.

Later that month the defendant was also seen using another person's stolen go MasterCard.

The court was told he tried to tap and pay the stolen credit card at least six times in order to purchase three frozen pizzas, but was unsuccessful.

Three months later, on August 25 at 8.20pm, a car Tailby was a passenger in was intercepted by police for a licence check.

During the check, the defendant became fidgety, prompting all four occupants (one of which was a toddler) to be told to get out of the vehicle.

As he climbed out, police saw Tailby drop something on the ground and then try to push it under the car and out of sight with his foot.

In a search, police discovered an unused syringe out of its wrapper, digital scales, 2g of marijuana and .1g of methamphetamines - all in Tailby's possession.

Not even one month later on September 15, a search warrant was executed at Tailby's home, landing him several more charges.

The police search revealed methamphetamines, three syringes, digital scales and a stolen Xbox, Navman, watch, air pump, walkie talkie, keys, USBs, amplifier, GoPro HERO3 and MasterCard.

Tailby, who already spent 84 days in pre-sentence custody, was given a head sentence of 15 months imprisonment with immediate parole release.

Before the court was adjourned, Magistrate Melanie Ho told the defendant he needed to clean up his act and quit doing drugs.

"If you come before the court again I can safely say you'll be serving a term of imprisonment," she said.